Update: Reading

March 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

I posted something last night that I took down in the light of day.* But this much I want to include.

My situation has changed, and I’m going to be staying in New York at least another few months, maybe longer. I feel some easing of tension, even if the weather don’t seem quite natural. My life doesn’t seem quite natural either, and hasn’t for some time.

I’ll be giving a poetry reading at the Cornelia Street Café on Wednesday, March 28, a 6 pm. Poems of love gone wrong, my dead father and Mickey Mouse. Wait, maybe not Mickey Mouse. But there are some mice somewhere in the poems, I’m sure of it. Oh, that’s right, children turned into mice. Yes. That’s a good one. It’s about heartbreak but I depended on my vast and deep knowledge of trapping mice, how they live, how they die. There’s nothing like a little grit under your fingernails to add substance to the same old story.


* for those who read the earlier post and are confused by getting a truncated version.


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