Late Night

January 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just watched Stephen Colbert interview Philippe Petit and realized again how brilliant he is as a comic interviewer. Put him with any person with a sense of humor, no matter how different than his own, or how ordinary (like the “sex preacher” of last night) and he connects and charms them. He makes it look easy but it’s one of the most difficult things, to be at the same time so funny and so sensitive to the other person. Think of what you’re used to seeing—comic and straight man, whether the straight man is the interviewer or interviewee. Colbert collaborates. Without a net.

I wrote six pages of my novel today. Back in the groove. Finishing it by April is doable if I give up exercising and cleaning the apartment, avoid drinking and illness and don’t go out much during the week.

But tomorrow I’ll walk in the snow. Thursday do laundry.


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